Influence Options was established in 2014 by Dr Steve Tatham, a former senior UK military Officer, to bring together a network of talented experts and associates in the field of Strategic Communication and Information Advantage.  


Since then the company has worked with many UK and international clients, from governments through commercial and charity organisations in behavioural communication and understanding issues.  



Does your organisation understand the groups and audiences it interacts with? Their behavioural motivations; their influencers; the psychological drivers behind their actions?


Does your organisation operate effectively in the global Information Environment?





For military and security clients we offer a complete training programme.  We are able

to help you build and develop capability in:




think they do. 


             Our experience tells us otherwise. 

We will help you understand and                     communicate with any group  that is important to you ...

          ..... in a completely new way.


  • Information Operations

  • Target Audience Analysis 

  • Strategic Communication

  • Psychological Operations


  • Measures of Effect 

  • Influence


Past Clients

Strategic Communication

Information Operations

Influence Options Limited

Registered in the United Kingdom Company Number 09474256

Registered Offices: Influence Options Ltd. Ground Floor. 39 Guildford Road, Lightwater,

Surrey. GU18 5SA