"Brilliant .. that officers like Tatham have published such books speaks volumes about the British Armed Forces"




sky thinking ...?

Behavioural Conflict : Why Understanding People and their Behaviour

will be Decisive in Future Conflict 

"The book has become a core text for a new generation of officers and argues that changing behaviour – not beliefs or perceptions – is the key to military influence ..."

                                                                       The Observer Newspaper

Whilst geopolitics, economics, religion and ethnicity all play crucial roles in starting and sustaining conflict this book advances the idea that it will be people’s behaviour, and the West’s ability to understand, interpret and influence that behaviour which will become the defining characteristic of resolving future armed disputes. This seminal study draws directly on the authors’operational experiences in Sierra Leone, Northern Ireland, Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq, Lebanon and Afghanistan. 

"A timely insider's account of how  the military can lose the war of words"

                                                                                       Martin Bell

                                             former War Correspondent and MP 

From November 2002 to May 2003, Steve Tatham worked alongside American military planners in the Gulf, coordinating the huge media campaign that foreshadowed and accompanied the eventual invasion of Iraq. From first hand experience he witnessed how, in advance of the outbreak of hostilities, the US planned to win over sceptical Arab hearts and minds. Yet as the campaign unfolded, Tatham, the Royal Navy's public spokesman in Iraq, saw how differently the British and Americans regarded the media and how badly journalists from the Arab world, in particular from Al-Jazeera satellite television, were treated in comparison to those from coalition nations

Losing Arab Hearts & Minds : The Coalition, Al-Jazeera & Muslim

Public Opinion.